How to Obtain Continuing Education Units

Want CEU credits for my online trainings? Find out how below.

Step 1: Know the terminology

The terminology for continuing education from state to state varies. Some states refer to it as Clock Hours, some call it Continuing Education Units, others call it Contact Hours, and some don’t have any specific name for it. Your state might call it CEUs but have very different requirements to obtain a CEU than another state. For each online training you attend, you will get 1 hour. These trainings can be used for professional development hours if your school, district, or employer accepts them.

Step 2: Check with your school district office or employer

We don’t actually provide the CEUs; this is usually done through your district office or employer. Each state and territory has their own requirements, so please check with your local school district or state professional development office to find out if these trainings qualify. Links to State Department Certification websites are at the bottom of this page. We have listed every state, so that you can easily check the requirements for your area. If your state is listed, it does NOT automatically mean that our trainings are approved for your state. We are just providing a link so you can find out what your state requires.

Step 3: Your certificate

After attending or watching the recording of an online training, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance that includes the length and the name of the training. Some states may require you to submit a quiz. If you need one, reach out to me.

State and Territory Certification Requirements: