Energize, Engage, and Inspire your Students with the Power of Art Connection

The Curated Connections Library will help you...

Excite your Students

Teach with a hands-on, minds-on approach that happens WITHOUT lecture.

Enjoy Teaching

Experience that teaching high that happens when students light up and personally relate.

Connect with Art

Renew your own love of art while you share new and exciting artworks with students.

Save Time

Save hours of planning time with editable, classroom-ready resources.

How The Curated Connections Library impacted Liz's time and teaching...

What You Get When You Become a Member of The Curated Connections Library

The Curated Connections Library is a membership program whose sole purpose is to provide inspiring connections to art, increase student engagement, empower teachers, and provide quality and innovative teaching resources while saving time, energy, and brainpower of art teachers across the globe.

Teachers Just Like You That Have Revolutionized The Way They Connect with Art in Their Classrooms

About Cindy Ingram, Art Class Curator

Hi! I’m Cindy Ingram, the creator of Art Class Curator and The Curated Connections Library.

I have the awkward habit of crying in front of artworks, and I want the rest of the world to do it too. This noble quest has culminated in the creation of Art Class Curator, where I share how to creatively teach art appreciation and art history in a way that will spark a lifelong personal connection to art.

I have more than twenty years of experience in schools, museums, and non-profit organizations. I have an MA in Art Education and a BA in Art History. In addition to working in museums and teacher professional development, I have had the privilege of teaching art in the classroom to all grades–elementary to college.

I’ve been there, from the sleepless nights scrolling through the internet to binge-watching art history videos to prepare for my next class. I’ve done the work—crafted the lessons, tested them with students, and tweaked the plans to perfection—all so you don’t have to.

To date, I have not yet made any of my students cry (knowingly), but there’s still time.

My Promise to You

If this sounds like a good fit for you, and you’re ready to make the investment in yourself and your students, I promise you that The Curated Connections Library will create the art connections you’ve been longing for in your classroom.

In fact, I guarantee it!

Download the resources, try out the lessons, watch the trainings. See all that we have in store for you in The Curated Connections Library. If you are still not completely blown away with the hundreds of art lessons, trainings, and helpful classroom downloads, we are happy to refund the full amount of your purchase within the first 30 days of your membership, no questions asked.



$ 39 Per Month
  • Curated Artwork of the Week Bundle Delivered Monthly
  • Curated Curriculum Guides with Themed Units and all the Lesson Resources You Need
  • Filterable collection of 140+ Artwork of the Week lesson plans with resources
  • The Art Appreciation Master Class + Creating Curated Connections, and more Online Video Courses
  • Art Appreciation and Criticism Worksheets and Activities
  • BONUS: Comprehensive Vault of Art Criticism, Aesthetics, and Art History Resources - Over 300 downloads
  • BONUS: 25+ Hours of Professional Development Courses and Webinars
  • BONUS: Ancient Art Around the World, Online Course (Value $169)


$ 399 Per Year
  • Everything you get with the monthly membership, PLUS
  • Two Free Months (Value $69)
  • Option to pay with school/district purchase order
2 Mos. Free