Sunflowers & Sculptures [Member News]


First, let me give a great big welcome to all of our newest members! We are so excited to welcome you to this awesome community of amazing art teachers and can’t wait to support you as you revolutionize the way art is taught to the next generation.

The February Artwork of the Week Bundle is out! In addition to a focus on artworks for Black History Month, this bundle also includes the member-chosen artwork, van Gogh’s Sunflowers.

Make your voice heard! Vote for one of the artworks that will be included in the March Artwork of the Week Bundle. You can vote in this poll in our private Facebook group.

Log in and download the February Artwork of the Week Bundle here!

Monthly Members: Don’t forget to download the January Bundle before it goes into the vault.

We want to make sure you have all you need to teach during Black History Month and Women’s History Month, so we’ve made last year’s February & March Artwork of the Week Bundles available to ALL members. After logging in, get the bundles here: February 2018 Bundle & March 2018 Bundle.

Thank you for valuing art and being the curators in your classroom.

Happy Teaching!