We’re getting a facelift! Introducing the Curated Connections Library.


I’ve got some exciting new–The Resource Library for Art Teachers is now the CURATED CONNECTIONS LIBRARY!

We’ve got lots of cool stuff in store for you in the next few months, and we’re starting with a brand new look and feel to the site. Click here to head to the member site to check it out.

While you are there, check out this video on the new homepage for more information about what’s coming down the pipeline for our members! We’re getting a facelift! Introducing the Curated Connections Library.

Here’s a summary of the video for you!

  • We’re changing the name to The Curated Connections Library and organizing the library with new content and structure to make it a less overwhelming experience for you.
  • We also have a new methodology called the Curated Connections Framework. New resources will use this framework to make it easy for you to take the resources straight into your classroom!
  • Each month, we will have a theme where we release a “Curated Curriculum” around that theme (look for the first one next week!).
  • The Facebook group for the membership will close, but we still have the Art Class Curator Collective group going strong! 
  • The monthly polls now exist on the homepage near the bottom.
  • The Artwork of the Week Bundles are not changing!
  • We’re opening the doors for new members soon. The price is going up for new members, but you are locked into your current rate! Monthly members may consider upgrading to yearly to take advantage of even more savings! (Click here for info on how to upgrade).
  • If you get sales emails for the membership when we open the doors, let us know and we’ll make sure your email is tagged correctly in the system!

Stay tuned for new content and new ways to keep your classroom exciting, your students engaged, and new art connections all around!