No-Supply Activities for the Last Days of School [Member News]


It’s May, which means many of you have slowly started packing up your rooms. You’ve finished projects, but don’t want to start something new. Or some classes have finished projects while others still need more time.

Now is a great time for some no supply, art interpretation fun!

Here are 5 awesome activities to connect with any work of art.

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  1. Drawing/Description Game: Every group of students from elementary to adults I’ve ever tried this with loved this activity. Basically, one student describes while the other student draws based on the description. It is SO FUN.
  2. Write a Haiku: I love love love writing haiku poems about art. They end up being so poignant and thoughtful. The students have the opportunity to feel successful all while connecting with a work of art.
  3. Memorization: Have students study the artwork silently for 5-10
    minutes. Then, take the artwork away and ask students to describe, draw, or write everything they remember. Take it further and have groups of students recreate the artwork together and have a “competition” to see whose is the closest to the original. (One of my summer workshop* participants came up with that competition idea. Good, right??)
  4. Tweet it: Have students write tweets from the characters in the
    artworks. They get to use a little humor (especially with the hashtags) and interpret art at the same time!
  5. Write a letter: Have students write a letter to or from the artist, the artwork, or a character in the artwork.
  6. Complete the Picture: Give students a small clip of an artwork and have them complete the rest of the picture however they want. These are so fun, and I love seeing the variety of directions these go!

Do you have a favorite activity for looking at art with your students? I’d love to hear about it. Click reply to tell me about it!

Happy teaching!