The Sparked It Award


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The first two sessions of the Creating Curated Connections Course are in the books. We’ve shared our teaching wins, explored the importance of knowing our identity as teachers, and given away the very first SPARKED IT award!

We created the SPARKED IT award to celebrate all of you and your incredible work! We get so many emails and messages from you all, sharing stories of art connections straight from your classroom. We chose Kyle for the award after he shared how his first art discussion went:

Kyle chose a difficult, emotional artwork to share with his students—a brave choice for a classroom discussion novice and it went great! Here’s to Kyle and his students for the amazing artwork connections they sparked!

In session two of the course, we talked about really digging in and discovering your why. Why do you teach art?

An answer may occur to you immediately, but I encourage you to really go deep and think about why you do what you do and the impact you want to have. When we know our teaching why, our teaching lives become more peaceful and joyful because we can align our identity as educators with our day-to-day actions. A teacher who knows their why is powerful because they have a vision and can make it happen. That’s what the Creating Curated Connections Course is all about.

I asked everyone to think about and write their own teaching whys. You don’t have to overthink it. Once you have it written down, make it a poster for your classroom or a background on your computer or phone. Put your why where it can energize you. Share it in the Art Class Curator Collective Facebook group to inspire others in the community. Here’s mine:

If you weren’t able to make the session live, you can still catch up in the Library and you can register for the remaining sessions here.

Happy Teaching!

P.S. You can now search Artwork of the Week lessons to find the perfect one!