September Artworks are out now!


This month’s Artwork of the Week Bundle features artworks that touch on architecture and design, as well as works that touch on cultural identity. All four artworks showcase the elements and principles of art for our students.

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Sadie Red Wing, Lakȟóta + Dakȟóta Visual Essay

This colorful digital artwork features a visual language created by the artist to represent her life and heritage. A great artwork to explore identity and personal history with students, this work is also a great example of radial design. Vote for next month’s Members’ Choice at the bottom of the Curated Connections Library homepage!

Kuna Peoples, Molas

These colorfully crafted works of fiber art have been made by generations of Kuna women. This lessons offers a fantastic look at the Kuna Peoples’ history, as well as a chance to explore design and the effects of tourism on popular indigenous artwork.

Elmgreen & Dragset, Prada Marfa

This thought-provoking structure is sure to spark strong opinions in your class discussions. Is it art? Why or why not? Students will compare the artwork with actual retail locations, as well as an unclaimed art installation depicting the retail chain Target nearby. Perfect for aesthetic lessons!

Joseph Stella, The Brooklyn Bridge: Variation on an Old Theme

Joseph Stella painted the Brooklyn Bridge many times throughout his career. This variation in this lesson offers many chances to explore line, color, perspective, and many other elements and principles of art with your students.

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