Teach Art History with Curated Connections [Member News]


In November’s Curated Curriculum Guide, we dive into how to teach students art history in an engaging and meaningful way. Using resources from the Curated Connections Library, students learn how art historians group art, discuss what there is to learn about an artwork through the lens of art history, and get active with art using creative activities.

New Curated Curriculum Guide

The fourth Curated Curriculum guide is out now! This month’s theme is How to Study Art History.

Our Curated Curriculum guides help you sort through the most relevant resources in the Curated Connections Library using our Curated Curriculum Framework: Curate, Discuss, Engage and Extend. This month’s guide includes the best artwork lessons for leading art history lessons, essential questions to ask during class discussions, and is full of engaging activities that will help your students connect to the history behind artworks.

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