June in Review [Member News]


It’s the last week of June, so it’s time for our monthly wrap-up! I hope you are soaking up the summer sun and getting some much-deserved relaxation!

We’ve got big plans under way for the new school year, and I can’t wait to let you in on all of the exciting changes coming your way.

Before that though, let’s recap the month. Here’s what’s happened in the Resource Library in June!

June Artwork of the Week Bundle

This month, we had a delightful selection of joyful and colorful works of art from around the world. Which one was your favorite?

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New Lessons this Month

Japanese Printmaking

As promised, we’re adding more elementary resources to the library. In this lesson, students look at Japanese prints from Katsushika Hokusai. Students inspect, discuss, and categorize images from his series of Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji. Students then dive in to create their own print series that relates back to something they love.

Download the Japanese Printmaking lesson at this link after logging in.

Wassily Kandinsky

In this lesson, students explore Kandinsky’s artwork using their senses, compare and contrast his artworks, interpret the elements of art used, create an non-objective abstract art piece, and evaluate their work.

Download the Kandinsky lesson at this link after logging in.

Vincent Van Gogh

In this lesson, students identify the style and importance of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh and analyze art using the four steps of art criticism. They explore a variety of materials, tools, and skills to create a work of art, then discuss and reflect choices made in creating their artwork.

Download the Van Gogh lesson at this link after logging in.

Art Appreciation Master Class Summer Challenge

This summer, we are working our way through the Art Appreciation Master Class together in preparation for another fabulous school year.

7 weeks. 📆
18 actionable videos. ⏩
1 awesome community. 🙌

The Art Appreciation Master Class is a crash course in everything you need to know to teach kids about art in an appealing and memorable way. From why it’s important and how to overcome barriers to unique classroom activities and discussion tips, you’ll find it all in the Art Appreciation Master Class.

As a member, you already have access to the Master Class, but this summer, we’re doing it together with a little added excitement! 😄🎉

Fun prizes. 🎁
Fresh ideas. 💡

We’re inviting all of our members to join the Art Appreciation Master Class Summer Challenge. Make your summer productive and welcome the new school year with a wealth of new activities and knowledge you and your students will love!

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Happy Teaching!