Member Appreciation Week Finale!


The last day of Member Appreciation Week is here! I’ve enjoy putting all of these new resources into your hands. This week we released brand new PowerPoints with 5+ artworks each for all 25 of the Art Appreciation Worksheets!

New PowerPoints

Today we have 4 new PowerPoints!

  • Send a Postcard – Students imagine they have entered a painting and write a postcard to a family member or friend describing their experience.
  • Write a Letter – Students write a letter using evidence from the artwork.
  • Art for Sale – Students write and design a flyer intended to help sell an artwork at auction.
  • Similes and Metaphors – Students describe an artwork using similes and metaphors.

Coffee Winners!

Today the following members won the Starbucks giftcards: Erika L, Renata S, Rebecca S, and Sharon H. Congrats!!

The last coffee winner for the testimonial prize is Marie J.

She says:

I am honestly in awe of the resource library. It is so much more than worksheets. The lessons and videos have revolutionized the way I teach art. Now, I know that looking at art with students doesn’t have to be a struggle. It’s a great opportunity to connect and share a piece of the world with them.

Thanks for a great week! I will not be sending a weekly members news next week, but I’ll be back in your inboxes on May 21 to talk about my grand plans for the summer!

Art Class Curator
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