[Masterpiece Monday] Merry Christmas, Grandma!


One week to go, and then you are OUT for Winter Break! I know you’ve got a lot on your plate and may need a quick lesson to calm the chaos of December school days.

This week’s #MasterpieceMonday artwork is perfect for filling a gap and lifting the spirits before the school bell rings for the last time in 2018.

Today, we’ve got a fun Christmas illustration by Norman Rockwell with a lot of fun opportunities for art interpretation.

This is a great artwork to discuss how art can be used as a tool to manipulate. Invite students to consider how Rockwell made deliberate choices to influence the viewer.

It must be a pretty amazing car if it can fit this wholesome family of five, their new dog, and all the presents!

In addition to a classroom art discussion, try an interpretive activity with this artwork by having students write what each character is thinking about or creating their own modern day family car ad.

Happy Teaching!

Art Class Curator

P.S. I’m putting a holiday pause on the Facebook lives, so we’ll start again in January!