Teachers are used to going above and beyond, but the last few months have blown our routines and expectations out of the water.

Even now, with the start of the school year looming ever closer, most of us have more questions than answers. 

With so many questions still unanswered and plans bound to change once the school year starts, we at Art Class Curator have been busy trying to figure out how we can help art teachers right now, when it’s needed most.

What do you need?

Whether you’re planning for online learning, art on a cart, or a socially-distanced classroom, you’re going to need:

This is where SPARK Hybrid Art Curriculum comes in like the hero we all need and deserve. 💪


The SPARK Hybrid Learning Curriculum from Art Class Curator is a complete curriculum that you can use no matter what this school year brings. Whether you are in the classroom, teaching remotely, teaching on a cart, or doing a little bit of both, this flexible curriculum allows you to move in and out of different teaching environments seamlessly while giving your students the access to art and creativity they need right now.

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SPARK from Art Class Curator is a complete curriculum designed with an “Artwork of the Week” format. Each week, students dive deep into an artwork from across time and cultures. They discuss, analyze, engage with a creative activity, and then complete an open-ended art project with a creativity-focused, idea-centered prompt.

Each weekly unit includes:

All activities and assignments include ready-to-go, editable documents that are designed to easily load into Google Classroom or your alternate LMS.

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Here's what other teachers like you had to say...

"I loved SPARK and I really feel that it gave me a lot of sanity this spring. I loved the videos and background on the different artists....I was so happy to find this curriculum and felt it was well worth my investment."

"Thank you for the spark on-line curriculum. I didn't use all of it last quarter, but have definitely saved it to use for this upcoming year, because who knows how this is going to "shake out." Yes, anything you do is and has been great! Keep up the great work, Cindy and all!"

"I love the whole layout of the worksheets they are really helpful. The information video is great too."

"I really appreciated how the lessons tied into the current SEL challenges that students were having during these times of Covid."

"I used Spark when we went to remote learning and I found it very helpful. I didn't have time to gather all the materials and create assignments so this pre-packaged lesson material was great. It was high quality and easily formatted to fit my platforms. PowerPoints were short and well designed. I liked that I could customize them with whatever I needed. The students found it engaging and conceptually accessible."

Frequently Asked Questions

This hybrid curriculum includes a full year of lessons written to adapt to however you’re teaching this year—on a cart, in a socially-distanced classroom, or even online.

Each unit is centered around a different diverse artwork and uses Art Class Curator’s Curated Connections Framework to ignite deeper learning. In the Framework, we curate relevant and connected artworks. Students discuss or write about the artwork (using our SPARK art criticism model), engage with the art working using a creative learning activity, extend the learning with an idea-centered project, and finally reflect on their learning.

Each weekly unit includes:

⭐ Specially-curated artwork from across time and cultures

⭐ In-depth art analysis activity

⭐ Creative art engagement activities

⭐ Video about the artwork with student note-taking sheets

⭐ Thoughtful, creativity-inspiring art projects with options for both online or in-classroom learning

⭐ Weekly reflection assignment

To see a sample lesson, please watch the video higher on this page under the heading ‘Take a Tour Inside the Curriculum…’.

All of the lesson files are in DOC and PDF format and ready for students. They can be edited, downloaded, and loaded into Google Classroom or your district’s LMS. If you have a more specific question about technology, please send us an email at this link!

The curriculum is most appropriate for middle and high school students as it has work for the students to complete every day, though it may work for some grade 3-5 students with modification.

Need an elementary-specific curriculum? Our SPARK Elementary Curriculum is still available and can be adapted to current needs.

We’re running a summer special, so until August 6th, SPARK is 30% off! :tada: 

You’ll get a full year of plans for just $297. That’s a full year of lesson plans, activities, and projects complete with files and worksheets for all your students for less than $10/week! Choosing the easy one-time payment option gives you an additional 25% off!

If you need a more flexible payment option, you can choose our payment plan option at checkout and pay for lessons as they are released every 9 weeks. Get the lessons, activities, projects, and files for 4 budget-friendly payments of $99. If your plans change, you can cancel at anytime and keep the lessons you’ve already paid for.

Remember, after August 6th, SPARK will be full price.

We will release new blocks of content every 9 weeks. When you purchase now you will have immediate access to the first 9 weeks of content. The rest of the content will be released every 9 weeks.

Quarter 2: October 9, 2020
Quarter 3: December 11, 2020
Quarter 4: February 26, 2021

If you paid for the full year, the content will automatically appear in your Thinkific account. If you are paying on the payment plan, you’ll get the new content within 3 days of your payment.

All SPARK lessons and files are housed on the online platform Thinkific. After you buy SPARK, you will receive an email to create a password for your account from Thinkific, the site where the curriculum resides. From there, you can download lessons and add them to whatever LMS your school is using.

To check out how the course is structured, please watch the video higher on this page under the heading, ‘Take a Tour Inside the Curriculum…’.

Our Promise to You

If this sounds like a good fit for you, and you’re ready to make the investment in yourself and your students, I promise you that The SPARK Hybrid Learning Curriculum will create the art connections you’ve been longing for in your classroom while giving you a solid and easy plan for this entire, crazy year.

In fact, I guarantee it!

Download the resources, try out the lessons. See all that we have in store for you in the curriculum. If you are still not completely blown away with the engaging lessons and creative projects, we are happy to refund the full amount of your purchase within the first 30 days of your purchase, no questions asked.

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