Creative Reviews and Assessments [Member News]


The Spring semester is winding down, and it’s time to start thinking about reviews and assessments!

I personally love to create fun activities that allow students to review the content we’ve already covered but have fun and be creative while doing it.

In one such activity, students design (and perform or describe to the class) a TV Commercial that reviews the content. They have to create a product or service idea and sell it while covering some of the main components of the art we studied.

For example, students have created a funeral home inspired by Ancient Egypt, a fertility product inspired by Prehistoric art, cuneiform typing services, and Queen Nefertiti makeup. 😂 It’s always amusing! Get the info on this lesson here.

Assessment in Art History and Art Appreciation

Want more info on assessment and review for art history and art appreciation? Watch this online training video from the Resource Library (recorded live video).

What’s your favorite way to review what students have learned? Click reply and let me know!

Happy Teaching!