Ancient Near East

Art of Ancient Sumer

This lesson covers the Sumerian Art includes a PowerPoint, a student group in-class activity, a poetry activity, and a list of potential assessment questions.

Available Resources
Lesson PowerPoint (PPT, PDF)
Group Activity (DOC, PDF)
Poetry Worksheet (PDF)
Assessment Questions (DOC, PDF)
Sumer Art History Conventions Handout (PDF)
Extra Worksheets (PDF, Pages)
Blog Post with Art Project

Assyria and Babylon

A collection of downloads covering Assyrian and Babylonian art.

Available Resources
Lesson PowerPoint (PPT)
Ashurnasirpal II Lion Hunt - Worksheet/Questions (PDF)
Stele of Hammurabi - Worksheet/Questions (PDF)
Video from my Ancient Art course related to the topic

Sumer and Babylon Quiz

A quiz testing student knowledge of Sumerian and Babylonian art.

Available Resources
Quiz (DOC, PDF)
Quiz Images (PPT)