New {FREE} Series: Beyond the Surface


Teaching art appreciation is a challenge for most art teachers.

Not enough time.
When students come to art class expecting to ONLY make their own art, how do you convince them that looking at art is fun, interesting, informative, and important?

Not enough knowledge.
What if students ask about something you don’t know the answer to–the artist’s life, the historical context, or how the artwork was made?

Not enough student interest.
What’s worse–the complaining or the blank stares? How do you make students enjoy looking at art when all they do is say they’re bored?

Not enough support from admins.
Even art teachers are being forced to teach to the test. How can we convince admins that looking at art isn’t just valuable, it’s essential?

That’s why I’m offering a brand new FREE email series, Beyond the Surface: Teach Students How to Dive Deeper into an Artwork to Make Connections and Meaning.

** Lesson 1 – Flipping the Script: Overcoming the Challenges that Keep You From Showing Art **

** Lesson 2 – From Crickets to Connections: What to Say to Get Them to Go Beyond What They See **

** Lesson 3 – Curating the Conversation: Helping your Students Get “All-In” on the Art Discussion **

** Lesson 4 – Artworks They’ll Relate To: Finding the Right Art for YOUR Students **

** Lesson 5 – Enthralling Experiences in Art Interpretation: Get Students Engaged and KEEP Them Engaged **

** Bonus Lesson 6 – There Just Is Not TIME! Making the Time for Experiences That Students AND Admins Will Remember **

Starting on January 21, 2019Beyond the Surface will help you beat the most common challenges to teaching art appreciation. Participants will get a professional development certificate at the end of the series, so sign up now!

Become the curator in your classroom.
Join me and learn how to make the time to get students meaningfully engaged with artworks they will relate to and connect with in a way admins will love.

I can’t wait to get started!

P.S. Here’s the link to sign up for Beyond the Surface, a free professional development series.